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I am putting a lot more time and effort into this than is probably healthy...

~ [info]shantirosa mentioned doing modern Merlin AU cosplay at the next Expo and gnimaerd  and I kind of ran with the idea. This was supposed to be an easier alternative to trying to make any of their canon costumes - pah! I think I have something sort of sorted now though. My current 'outfit' includes:

The boots are changeable but that's the style I want. The cuff I can paint the silver patterns gold to match the original more. The gloves I'll knit myself in purple. There's also a purple wrap with is kind of cloak like that I could get too.

Make up is easy - lots of eyeliner and I need to get some red lippy. Need to think about what to do with my hair. It probably would be best just poker straight.

I'm not really sad and obsessive, honest?

~ In other news, is it bad when you start arguing with your electronic personal trainer? For example:

EA Active Woman: You're really working hard today. Your thighs are going to thank you for this.
Me: Know they're not. In fact, right now, they seem very angry indeed.

~ Useless former trainee contains to be useless. He had been hired by the school. And yet he asks if he's got to do things the school expects of their teachers like daily planning. Bloody hell, he needs to do it more than the rest of us! Irony is I had to fill in a reference for him today to go on file. One question was 'would you hire this person in a full time position?' How many times can I say 'no' and how bad does it look that we did actually hire him?
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