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Maybe I need me one of those beer hats...

~ I really must remember to drink. For some reason in the last few days, my sense of thirst has gone on the blink again. By yesterday evening, my eyes and mouth were bone dry and I had a horrible headache. I've been told before by a nurse that I'm dehydrated but I honestly don't seem to notice it. I've been drinking much more today, but I'm still a bit 'meh'. It doesn't help that I don't drink tea at all or coffee very often I suppose due to the not fun of me burning so easily - when someone's making a drink I don't want one.

~ I have decided the whole catholic/anti-catholic thing that's likely to happen in London this week would be much better if they turned themselves in the sharks and jets and did co-ordinated dance routines across Trafalgar square at each other. I mean, wouldn't all conflicts be better solved this way?

~ The reason I came up with that is all shantirosa 's fault, but since she's helping me set up a Morgana/Morgause comm, I've decided to forgive.

~ All the photos of Merlin filming are making me jealous. I want to go damn it! (*crosses fingers for next series*)

~ Losing weight is like buses - you wait weeks for something to fall off and then 4 pounds goes in 10 days. Or, as I described it earlier, it clung on like Frodo and Sam climbing Mount Doom and then finally lost its grip.....Really, don't ask...
Tags: fandom: merlin, random, rl: health, rl: weight
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