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I am only in this job for the snark...

My Year 11 class today. Boys are writing a review of their work...

ME: You haven't done very much yet...
PUPIL: Ah, but Miss, it's supposed to be about quality not quantity, isn't it?
ME:....You've written two words. And one of them is spelt wrong.

As the internet might say 'pwned'.

In other news:

~ The synopsis for episode 3 of Merlin makes me weep. They're scraping the bottom of the kiddie entertainment value and writing fart and baldness jokes. After seeing episodes 1 & 2 I fear this is the perfect example of going from the sublime to the ridiculous.

~ Angel Coulby has inspired me to make ankle warmers with stirrups for heels. Basically because I saw her wearing them at the weekend and thought 'wow, they're so cute AND they're solve my winter problem of my feet getting cold in pretty shoes'. This does mean however I'm going to have to find a pattern I like and go and get some wool. Stupid practicalities.
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