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No one ever tell Richard Wilson any secrets...

Okay, so he doesn't actually reveal anything out right but in Richard Wilson's Digital Spy interview he all but confirms what I highly suspected after watching episodes one and two.

Around 1:50-ish he talks about a big reveal regarding Morgana and Uther. Something Gaius didn't even know.

He's her real father, isn't he?

I mean, anyone who has seen the first two episodes will know that there are two massive, unsubtle anvil sized hints in there about it so this 'revelation' doesn't come as a surprise.

The idea gives me mixed feelings. It will be dramatic and it adds extra layers to the existing drama. But I'm not sure they're really necessary to be honest. So Uther is the man biologically responsible for her? So what? She had a man who was her father, who she loved. This isn't going to change her relationship with Uther imo unless it makes her despise him more for his lies. Also, it obviously wasn't an intention of the first series and I do hate it when they screw with their own canon in this way. And, of course, it does nasty things to the Arthur/Morgana ship which is so sad because they are so fabulous together. :(

We also have to question how she's related to Morgause? Same mother (hence the passing of their mother's bracelet from one daughter to the other)? Or not at all?

And why the frig was Morgause snuck out of Camelot then?

Honestly? This 'revelation' leaves me feeling a like icky...

EDIT: The only thing I'd find legitimately interesting about it is that Morgana would be Arthur's older sibling and have some sort of claim to the throne.
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