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BFI Prep = Total Fail!

Trying to organise the practicalities of going tomorrow and realised a couple of things:

~ I don't know where and when I am actually supposed to be meeting people so can't figure out a train time yet

~ Only just actually got round to typing gnimaerd 's number into my phone and realised it had too many digits and therefore phone is going 'hell no!'.

Bugger. I should have sorted these things out earlier because what do I not need right now? More hassle...

EDIT: Just to say this entirely my fault. I spent more time figuring out what I was going to wear rather than small things like getting there. *is dumb*

Also I just realised something about episode 1 from reading the cast list

Uther is going to start seeing visions of people he killed, isn't he? Hence the mention of ghost boy and Ygrain in the cast list. Not entirely sure how I didn't figure that out before...

So, all in all, headesk x1000. At least.
Tags: fandom: merlin, rl
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