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The bad and the shiny

The Bad:

~ Work is being a bitch. My colleague who has been off ill a lot hasn't done any of the prep work we've asked her to do.The boss and I have done loads and load, setting up units of work for Years 7-9. She's Key Stage 3 co-ordinator and she's done none of it. So now I have to spend tomorrow doing her bloody work because she's abroad for a distant family member's funeral and therefore is out of contact. I'm doing what she's paid to do. What she should have done at some point in the last six weeks. It's either that or our non-specialists have nothing to teach from on Monday.

~ For the second year in a row they've decided at the last minute that we need a second Year 12 ICT class because it is over subscribed. Nothing like learning a lesson is there? The only way of doing this is hiring my useless trainee from last year as a part time employee. NOT GOOD! I said there was no way he should be teaching any A-Level unless we wanted the kids to fail - he just isn't ready. So now my timetable is being thoroughly re-jigged and I've got to keep an eye on rubbish former trainee all year to ensure he's not screwing things up.

~ Both of these things means I couldn't go up to Birmingham this evening to spend this evening and tomorrow at the Roadhouse con. Can we say gutted? :( I was so looking forward to meeting Chuck...

The Shiny:

My new netbook arrived. On the suggestion of flipbfc  I'm calling him Arthur. Because he's shiny and a netbook therefore lacks depth :D (Arthur, I adore you really, just an affectionate joke at your expense).

Besides, look how cute he is:

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