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I always struggle with the important decisions...

~ Thank you for all the comments on my yesterday 'I hate myself' post. You guys really are a lovely bunch, you know that? I hate posting things like that because I'm sure it comes across to some as fishing for compliments or looking for validation. It isn't, I'm not a little girl who needs that, but I'm aware of how it can seem. I do need to let things out more rather than indulge in my natural tendency to let them bottle up so...

~ Back to work today :( New head seems tough but good. My other colleague is off AGAIN, leaving only the two of us to hold the fort. She has good reasons for being off but this puts a crap load of extra pressure on us. Not to mention she not done any of the prep stuff we asked her too...Oh, and useless trainee is coming back for two weeks to cover for a part time colleague who's recovering from an op. Apparently it was him or someone who knew no ICT. I would have gone with the latter...

~ I brought a netbook! Mainly so I can sit comfy in bed and write fic/browser the net. £50 off from ebuyer so that can't be bad and it'll be here tomorrow. I need a name for it though...

~ I managed to embroider one of plushie Morgana's eyes yesterday. Considering I've never embroidered anything before it turned out reasonably well.

~ Through the stupidity of hitting a bit of furniture with my heel whilst jogging yesterday I have managed to do...something to my lower leg. No idea what. I went over on the side of my ankle and it doesn't hurt when I walk but my leg aches.

~ Lastly, important decision time! I don't know which boots to wear on Sunday! It has to be boots because it makes me looks taller and therefore slimmer, but both of these go with what I'm wearing and I'm stuck!

Tags: craft: plushie, rl: someone remove my credit card, rl: weight, rl: work
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