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This isn't really a review as such, more a few thoughts on what I found interesting. I've waited until now because I wanted to see it on BBC3 again - the first time I watched it my only coherent thought was 'squee!'

Caps courtesy of __kali__

Jackie and Mickey

Firstly, nice little touch with the remains of 'Bad Wolf' on the ground. I thought Rose kissing Mickey was a bit off. Is she really stringing him along or are they in that weird place between lovers and friends? He says ‘love you’ and she just says ‘bye’ - I think that's rather telling of their relationship. He's still holding on for her but Rose really doesn't seem to see a future.

As the TARDIS disappears, Jackie walks away, yet Mickey stands there and watches her go. It's quite an interesting point. Jackie it seems has accepted it and will get on with her life whilst Rose is away, Mickey will always be waiting for her.

Face of Boe

The way that the Face of Boe can hijack the Doctor’s psychic paper to send him a message suggests he's pretty powerful. I think he's absolutely intriguing and strangely beautiful in a way. He gives a great sense of peace. I love the music they had for him too. All his kind are dead except him and that makes him and the Doctor obviously very alike. And of course there's still the mystery of ‘his great secret’. I don’t think it has anything to do with Gallifrey or other Time Lords as some people have suggested - otherwise why would it be HIS secret? No, I think it's more something of greater importance about the universe in general, maybe to do with who he really is and how come he has lived so long. I also wonder what it was about the Doctor’s actions that taught the Face of Boe to look at the universe a new? And did he really call the Doctor there because he was dying or was it to sort out what was going on?


I'm really impressed how they (forgive the pun) fleshed her out. Yes, for most of the episode she was an almost cartoon-like villian but there were moments of humanity behind her that were really well played. At the beginning she said she was alone – does this make her sympathise with the clones later on after briefly inhabiting one? It would certainly explain why she was so moved by their plight.

And of course, I loved the way her earlier throwaway line 'That was the last time anybody told me I was beautiful' came full circle. She made that happen herself - it was very bittersweet. Does make me wonder how the Doctor knew to take her there though. Loved the way Chips' death gave a glance of a much better Cassandra for a moment.


There's not too much to say about her because she's not actually in it all that much. She seems to be quite at home with the Doctor's new self now - she definitely thinks he's hot! And she recognises that he is a very different person in some ways.

It also showed her learning – she knows something is up and arms herself.

The Doctor

Oh, Mr Tennant, could I love you anymore? How did you managed to take a wonderful, interesting and complex character and make him even better? I loved the way they've managed to make Ten feel like a very natural progression of Nine. I love how he's the same character and yet so different.

I watched the end of TCI at least a dozen times up until now, trying to figure out who Ten was and what I came up with has turned out to be surprisingly accurate so far. Just shows how spot on they had the characterisation there.

He is very much a talker. He’ll use 1000 words when ten would do. He's got a certain cheekiness to him (his Newx15 New York and 'Yup, I've still got it'). As a side note, Tennant has just a wonderful way of delivering his lines - they whole 'watch out for the disinfectant!' scene was brilliantly done.

He is rather cunning and sneaky when needs be - just watch the way he subtly plays with and tests Cassandra!Rose when they are studying the map, using it as a way of finding out if it is really her.

He seems to be rather good at reading people and pushing the right buttons. He says to Cassandra ‘You’re so desperate to stay alive…why don’t you live a little?’ – he knows just how to get to her and tries to use it to his advantage.

Most interesting is his dark side. Ten is very judgemental and very scary when he’s angry. Dangerous even. He seems to have a very strict moral code and sticks to it rather rigidly ('If they live because of this then life is worthless.') And his little speech ('I’m the Doctor. And if you don’t like it, if you want to take it to higher authority, there isn’t one. It stops with me.') - that is such a departure from Nine. I could just never imagine Nine saying that. Ten seems to have this whole new level of confidence in himself, but is that attitude going to come back to bite him in the arse later in the season?


Damn these two are cute together. I loved them lying on his coat together at the start - it just seemed so natural. And there are definitely a couple of times when the Doctor checks her out - when Rose is freaked out by the Cat Nuns and he say 'think what you look like to them' he has a bloody good look! And when Cassandra!Rose turns up acting weird and explains it by saying she's trying out a 'new me' again he checks her out rather thoroughly (bad Doctor! stop looking at her cleavage!)

He's still very protective of her but in an even more possessive way ('Give her back to me!')

The jumping between bodies was actually a good way of showing their feelings about each other without having them say it.

I liked the way they've got the obvious stuff out of the way in the first episode instead of stringing it out - yes Rose thinks he's good looking. Done, dusted, can we get on with them having adventures together now? In the end, they will always remain the best of friends despite of what various hormones say.

Other stuff
- Loved the disinfection scene and their different reactions.
- I don’t think the cat nuns were evil – they honestly saw nothing wrong with what they were doing and were trying to help. (‘Mankind came to this planet with so many illness. We couldn’t cope. We did try.’)
- Some people have mentioned the glance between the Doctor and the Novice might have some significance but I think she was trying to remind him about the Face of Boe.

Overall I thought this was a really fun episode that gave us a good look at this new Doctor. No, it probably won't be the best episode of the series but it was very enjoyable.

And to end on an utterly shallow note, David Tennant is insanely handsome.
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