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Body image is a bitch, food and I are not friends, but new jacket is pretty...

When I started this whole 'OMG, I'm so fat I must do something about it!' thing, I was encouraged to take some pictures so I could truly see how I was progressing because we all know what the scales says doesn't necessarily have anything to do with how you look. I took another set of photos today and yesterday and family were all 'wow, you can really see the difference!'. Problem is, I don't...



These two sets of photos were taken six weeks apart and, honest, I can't see any difference. The first I looked at them I did, but the more I do I just think I'm fooling myself and it's just upsetting. It gets me down. Which ruins my relationship with food even more. I really don't want to eat a lot of the time and I know that's not healthy but I can't help the feelings of guilt when I finish a meal and actually feel full. I feel like I'm letting myself down. That probably doesn't make any sense.


Oh a less moany note, I found a new jacket and it's very pretty.

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