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So far, today is making me grumpy

~ I went to drive to Canterbury this morning so I could get the last few bits I need to finish plushie!Morgana. Car wouldn't start. Not only that but it was completely dead. Dad has looked at it and we found that something was draining the battery by 0.5A. We think that when he moved it the other day, he accidentally knocked the switch for my internal light and didn't realise. So now it's slowly recharging but I won't be able to use it until tomorrow.

~ Read the news about DW being split next year. For a start, I don't particularly want it split - there's precious little to watch during those months as it is. Also, I hate it when US shows do that but at least they have the excuse of having many more episodes. I don't know if the thinking is that it will help DWs ratings but I don't think that is necessarily so. Assuming SCD isn't going anywhere, DW will either have to be on relatively early to accommodate it or up against XF. And what the hell is happening to Merlin? Presuming it gets a fourth series, DW will be in its slot. So will that be going back to January time? I don't want to wait that long for series 4!
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