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23 August 2010 @ 11:20 am
Busy, busy, busy...  
Spent the entire weekend out

~ Went to etmuse  for her flat warming. There was much cake, we watched the Princess Bride, made a team carbonara and I was very successful in a game to do with fish. This was due to the pact I made me emo!fish - everyone tried to steal him off me but he always came back to me in the end.

~ On Sunday I went back into London to meet up with Alex and Holly. Alex was coming from Cambridge so I managed to get on the same train as her. She has legally changed her name to J'rrasic just because she could (apparently you also get a voucher for 10% off so they're obviously expecting repeat business). Holly has cut all her hair short Natalie Portman style because it was more practical for her South East Asia trip.

~ We discovered the secret of cheap Pizza Hut. You choose the cheapest Pizza with the number of toppings you want and then SWAP THEM ALL. "Okay, I want the Hawaiian. But can I swap the ham and pineapple please for..."   I'd love to see their faces if you did this :D

~ We went to the Tate Modern which is full of a lot of stuff that is just pretentious non-art but also some interesting things too. I managed to recognise Dali, Monet, Matisse and Picasso so I felt cultured. The weirdest exhibit when to a video of a naked woman (she had nothing to be ashamed of therefore so far, so good), who then poured blood over herself (ew), complete with bits (ew!!!!) and then rolled around in feathers (wtf?!)

~ Where have all the REALLY tacky London gift shops gone? Why can you no longer buy a mask of the Queen that doubles up as a postcard?

~ Alex is getting back into photography again. My fave photo was this one:

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