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Sniffy...Me no want!

I think I'm allergic to the wood chip we put in the guinea pig cages. I know it's not the hay - I've never had a problem with hay but I'm pretty certain that my sinuses have got worse since we got the piggles. I mean, they're in my room right next to where I sit and the wood chip does have a strong odour.

I've also been reading about how certain types of wood aren't that good for piggles and, rather annoyingly, the packet for the wood chip just says from 'softwood' which I'm betting will at times include the bad types.

So I've got some Carefresh instead since it is the only viable alternative our local places supply. Anyone with small animals tried it before?

In brighter news, gem_pinkeh  let me have this gif:


(There has to be kinky Merlin fic in this...)
Tags: fandom: merlin, fred and george
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