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Brain is coming up with new Merlin stuff. Send help.

~ The merlin_multis friending meme seems to be going really well which is very yay

~ From it I have discovered a new love for Morgana/Gawain even though HE'S NOT EVEN BEEN IN THE SHOW YET! I'm trying to decide whether he's the loveable rogue who all the ladies, except Morgana, giggle over, or if he's the chilvarous quiet boy who gets seduced by the more confident lady. It's kind of hard to tell from just a couple of pictures. Either way, there's much illicit sex (because Morgana knows Uther would hate it) but then feelings develop and there is conflict *gasp*

~ Despite already having 4 Merlin fics on the go, I really want to write the 'Morgana and Morgause seduce Gwen into Team Sexy Magic and they all take over Camelot with added three way girl loving' AU that was being discussed.

~ My brain is doing a crack vid for Sir Leon to 'Not Dead Yet' from Spamalot. Someone must have already done this, right?
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