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Okay, so the body managed to wait until I got home before I became ill which I do appreciate, but since then...

~ I had aches and chills so bad in the evenings I felt like I was going to throw up.

~ The glands in my neck then swelled up, back into my neck. To compound this, my wisdom tooth made a break for freedom and gave me a very sore gum. To add insult to injury I then bit the inside of my cheek really badly. All in all, very tender mouth and throat. Eating not fun.

~ Now I've managed to cough so much I've given myself a headache and hurt the muscles in my neck.

~ Oh and because dad is redecorating the ensuite, I am having to have baths instead of showers. This seems to have given me the worse red, itchy rash on my arms and legs. I have to cover myself in Calamine or I would have torn the flesh off by now.

Excuse me whilst I be grouchy.
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