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BRB. Off To Disney

~ I am packed. Sort of. There's always things that you can't pack because you'll be needing them the next morning so...And I just remembered to get my passport out which is obviously good. Got to ask dad to go up into the loft, in my big case and get the lock off it; the one that came with my new little case is rubbish.

~ I'm going to be the annoying tourist and do a video diary of sorts. Except I won't be in it because I hate seeing me.

~ I thought I was coming down with a cold today. Sore throat, achy stomach (I always get a tender abdomen when I have a cold, I'm so connected up wrong), feeling tired, going hot and cold... Fortunately it's been very mild and I hope it's just my sinuses playing up again. A good night's sleep usual sorts these things out. *crosses fingers*

~ I am excited but also feeling rather exhausted right now so lack bounce. Kermit is being excited for me.

~ New Merlin series 3 trailer is completely made of epic. I'm mostly interested in my girls, obviously, and Morgana looks like she is going to be amazing this series. The lady looks like she is totally in charge of her own destiny now, which I love. She also looks amazing when fighting in armour. There needs to be more Morgause (as always) and Gwen must be given something to do other than be nice and have people love her. Oh and Gawain looks seriously hot. I can already see the Arthur/Lancelot/Gawain 'let's be knights together, oh did you accidentally get naked whilst fighting, what a pity' fics being written. Talking of fics...

~ I haven't finished my two merlin_multis  fics. Bugger. The deadline is on Wednesday when I'm in France. Bugger. They're just going to have to be late. But, better late than never, right?

~ Bye all. BB Thursday.
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