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Exercise Is Good For You. Sort Of.

Well by cutting out desserts and carrying on with the EA Sport's Active, I've lost 5 pounds in almost three weeks. Which is a pretty good, manageable rate. I'm going to get Mum to stop putting cheese on salads because they're very healthy apart from that which will be extra help.

I've managed to nearly finish the EA 6 week challenge at medium level on the game. I'm definitely fitter as regards the cardio. Doing 120 skips now is pretty straight forward whereas it was a real struggle at first. I think I'm going to move back the first one and do the 30 day challenge on high first - the original workouts do seem to be a bit easier than the new ones so it should be a good stepping stone.

Really I should have lost more weight than this with the amount of time I've been exercising, but my cardio fitness was so poor that it took me forever to get to a stage where I could actually burn a decent number of calories in a session. I've also got to think of ways to stop myself getting bored which is my biggest enemy. I've go the couch to 5k programme on my iPod and I'm going to try that indoors whilst watching some shows (perhaps Glee before morbid_sparks  beats me).

Although I did manage to hurt the ball of my foot on one of the exercises today. I felt all right until I got up after dinner. Now it's left me limping quite badly and I keep getting shooting pains. I'm hoping it's one of those things that goes away by the time you get up.

In other news:

- Last day at work before the hols tomorrow. THANK ALL DEITIES. I'm mentally exhausted and the last two days have really been a struggle just to get through lessons. I'm dead knackered too so an early night (for me) tonight.

- I've started reading the second Locke Lamora book and at the mo I like it more than the first. That may be because I already know and love the characters though.

- I have three pieces of Merlin fic I REALLY need to get on with. One for armor_bigbang  and two for merlin_multis  (If you haven't joined that comm, please do. It's brilliant). My two little ficlets for international femmeslash day have given me the inspiration to write again. I now just need the time and energy.
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