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When craft becomes useful

So I've been trying to be more productive of late instead of a big pile of 'meh'. I tend to have several projects on the go at once because a) I'm easily bored and b) doing the say repetitive motions gives me hand cramp. However, this does mean I'm in terrible danger of not actually finishing things. Must make sure I actually do.

At the mo I've got two major things on going:

1. A knitted bag. It currently looks like this:

That's one of the sides and the long gusset/handle piece. I still have the other side to do and the frill. But the frill contains an instruction for 'make 1' which makes me go cross eyed so may need to save that for when I have time to decipher it a the weekend.

2. Morgana plushie. I have no pictures of her right now but I probably should have done considering I not long finished and attached her 'rather impressive even if I do say so myself' wig. Got to do her dress now but that's having a trial run in felt before I use the proper material. I, of course, will have to make a Morgause doll to go with her at some point.
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