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Yesterday was a good day...

My treat after at last finishing all that damn marking, was to spend a day in London.

Me, the bro and his girlfriend went up relatively early (10am train is early for Saturday). We went on the high speed train so the bro could 'ooo' and 'ahh' and feel smug about travelling at 140mph when the cars were doing a mere 70. Ish. Once there we went down to HMS Belfast (and I got to use my Oyster card for the first time - I felt native) which is down by the Tower of London. On the way I actually saw Tower Bridge raise for the first time ever.

Spent 3hrs wandering around that ship - it's a bit TARDIS-y, being bigger on the inside. Lots of climbing up and down ladders that were pretending to be stairs and yet were far too steep and narrow to be stairs. I decided I wouldn't have wanted to work on a WW2 battle cruiser. Also decided I really should find out more about what type of craft granddad was on when he was in the navy. We think it was destroyers and submarines.

There was of course the obligatory gift shop and I got a 'Keep Calm and Carry On' magnet. It's going to go into work - it's a motto we need.

After this we walked all the way down the South bank to Covent Garden. Don't think the bro and his girlfriend realised how far this was, but if you're going to go out with a woman currently on an exercise streak...

Nice dinner, many cocktails (love me a Bellini) and then off to a pub by the London Eye to pass the time. In there, the bro solved the age old problem of having to actually lift a drink to drink it...

To end our day we were off to see Michael Buble in concert at the O2. Deciding it was too nice an evening to waste on the underground, we got on the Thames Clipper for a trip down the river instead. Slight fail on their part - we didn't pay for the express, it turned up first, we were told we could get on and pay for an upgrade when the guy came round to get our tickets but he never bothered. Too bad for them. Anyway, we had a very civilised cruise down there complete with a tiny bottle of wine/beer each.

Gig was awesome as ever. He's a very talented boy is Buble. A real crowd pleaser and funny guy with an incredible voice. We were only twenty rows back and, in something the size of the O2, that's pretty close. At one point he came off the stage to go and sing on a secondary stage. On the way back he walked right past us. He's rather shorter than I imagined.

After the gig, the support group, a wonderfully talented vocal bunch called Naturally 7 were signing their CDs outside. Since I bought one I decided I might as well. Lovely bunch of guys.

All in all a really nice, relaxing day. I need more of those.

In short, I think I need to get out more because being stuck in this house doing the same thing day in, day out is just too depressing for words.
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