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I have given you enough money Apple...

My new mobile phone contract has come with a lovely shiny new iPhone (for half the price of my old phone contract yet I'm getting does that work?) Of course, these things never come with covers.

If you want one that protects the screen, it'll cost you £45 for a leather one or £19 for a series of cosies. But why would I buy something knitted when I have a flock's worth of wool sitting in a bag?

Okay, it's not as smooth and sleek as the Apple one but it is in some pretty shaded Rowan tapestry wool. And the ribbing at the top holds it in well. My work colleague wants one now too but in the purple version of this wool. Since it only took me a few hours to do I don't mind knocking that up for her. If anyone else wants one let me know.

I'm also going to try creating some in the other wool I have just because I'm curious as to how it would come out.
Tags: craft, knitting
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