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A small victory

Today I completed the Wii EA Sports Active 30 day challenge on low intensity. This is not Wii fit which is admittedly a bit rubbish. This is a series of preset workouts, designed by Oprah's personal trainer, that combines upper and lower body exercises with cardio. It creates a fitness program where you workout 5 days out of seven, combining different sets of exercises. In the low intensity version these only add up to about 20mins a day.

I've probably lost about a pound in total, but I'm not really bothered because I'm not just doing this to lose weight. My cardio and general fitness were so bad that I just wanted to get through this and set myself up to now move on to the medium intensity. In some places the low is still hard - 10 squats with calf raises anyone? - but it definitely is easier. I've made some progress.

The important thing is, I WANT to do it every day. It doesn't feel like a chore and it doesn't get boring. It's a challenge and I like challenges. It's variety which my flighty mind desperately needs.

And so tomorrow, if off to start the medium and I'm actually raring to go...
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