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Damn you plot nubbins... *shakes fist*

So I'm spending my last day off work (sob!) writing some Sanctuary fic which linesfade  and I kind of inadvertently challenged ourselves to. It's one of those fic writing sessions where I'm writing bits and piece all over the place because I keep getting ideas in non-chronological order.

Anyway, all is going well until I suddenly have an idea for the end (based upon Helen's throw away remark in Next Tuesday), so I scramble to write it down an what bloody happens? An idea for a sequel pops into my head. Lots of ideas for it. So many in fact that I have to go and start writing them down (traumatised!Helen, Nikola worried but not sure what to do because being comforting isn't his style...).

This leaves me with two questions:

1 - Why am I writing three fics simultaneously? How can this possibly be a good idea?

2 - Will I ever decide if I'm going to ship Helen/Watson or Helen/Nikola - because, seriously, starting to make her look like a bit of a floozy here...
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