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To boldly go where I had been before but it was so long ago that I forgot most of it...

So, I've been re-living my childhood and re-watching Star Trek: The Next Generation. A few observations:

- It really is a very good, mostly very intelligent show. It's somehow a bit more cerebral than I remember.
- Some of the first series planets really look like left over sets from TOS.
- Riker without his beard still looks wrong but not quite as wrong as I remember.
- I forgot that Worf and Geordi had red uniforms in the first series. Weird.
- Patrick Stewart manages to bizarrely look both younger and exactly the same.
- Data (who was always my favourite) was quite a bit more stiff at the start. Kudos for the writers and Brent for how they gradual made him more human.
- Wesley Crusher is a dreadful character.
- I really thought Yar lasted longer than that. I seem to remember her being in it a lot more. I must have seen more of the first series than I thought.
- The show has aged surprisingly well. The first series looks the most dated (because it looks the most like TOS?) but it still holds up today. The effects were excellent.
- Troi's outfit in the pilot was almost obscenely short. Hardly surprising that Sirtis felt she was there for the eye candy, not the brains.
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