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Fangirling Saturday here I come!

Got mine and kharma2815 's tickets for London Film and Comic Con. They are pretty and shiny as always. It's a shame to hand them over.

Now just have to:

a) Make a list of people I want to meet in order.
b) Finish the Captain Archer plushie so Scott can sign his label. Only the hair to go but that can be a bit tricky. I got the rest of it finished at the weekend but didn't have time to complete the whole thing. Which is annoying because during the week I am knackered most evenings and doing anything is a struggle.

Pity I can't make it up there on Sunday too because there's a few people only there that day which I'd like to meet (like Eve Myles) but we've got relatives down and I've got to pack for my three day holiday next week.

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