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Well the proverbial has really hit the fan...

So, people have seen Torchwood Day 4 and...

...predictably some fans are going ballistic. RTD will soon need bodyguards and there's many cries of 'he's ruined the show! no one will watch it now! I'm never watching it again!'.

Personally, I can't have anything but praise for the writers here. A brilliant 4 episodes so far, the bravery to kill off another main character is to be commended and John's acting has been great (unlike in previous series where I found him somewhat patchy at times). Gwen's character has also been handled brilliantly this series, really liking her.

I think people overestimate fandom if they believe the death of Ianto will kill off the series. Yes, he was very popular in fandom. But 6 million people have watched this series and the hardcore fans make up a very small percentage of that. I can't see millions of them switching off just like that as some claim.

I didn't cry. My reaction was more "that was sad, poor Ianto...*moves on*'. Because I liked Ianto but was never exactly invested in him. He just never really did anything of interest for me. I was far more affected by the demise of Tosh and Owen who I'll continue to miss far more. Even so, all these deaths are 'right' in a way - TW is supposed to be a dangerous job that you don't grow old in (see icon!). Gwen is designed to be the exception - at least she's trying to be and Jack's trying to make it happen. And, considering how many people he's seen fall at TW, you can increasingly see why.

So, with just Jack and Gwen left, we're going to need some new recruits. Lois would be obviously (and welcome). Personally I'm still hoping for Mickey too because I loved his character development.
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