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Now Official Weekly Invasion Squee

I've been wondering for weeks whether the issues between Tom and Kira are because of his change or just normal dad/teenage daughter issues. Now we know. It really expanded their relationship. I loved how he said that he wished she could be changed and how he was trying to take care of her. I found it fascinating how the only time we see him get violent is when his loved ones are in danger. Even when he was shot, he didn't look for revenge against the priest, but he was highly aggressive towards Derek when he was sniffing around Mariel and Kira, and near throttled Christina tonight. I was cheering him on a lot at that moment.

Christina = Psycho

And even worse 'Pregnant with alien babies psycho'

I really felt for poor Kira. Yep, she was totally stupid, but she was also naive, vulnerable, lonely and scared. And now it looks like she's been rejected by the aliens. Does this then mean she's sick? Healy said that they didn't take you when you were sick. Tom seemed awfully certain that she couldn't be changed and surely he would know if there was something wrong with her.

Christina's pregnancy only confirms to me that the hybrids are not the final product - they're there to serve a purpose. From the looks of it, Mariel isn't pregnant herself but it puts into a whole light Tom's suggestion earlier in the series that they try for a baby. Although I don't think he actually meant alien babies!

Actually I don't think Tom has any clue about the whole alien!baby deal. He just seems interested in keeping the secret so everyone lives normal lives. And why would he want both Mariel and Kira to be changed, knowing what could happen.

Also, having watched some older episodes, I've found more fuel for my 'Rose is Tom's daughter' theory. Tom is extremely intuitive, he almost has a sixth sense. In one of the first scenes of the show he tells Kira he knows they'll be safe during the hurricane. Later, he tells Mariel that he knew he was going end up shooting that ranger guy in the ruined shop. He told Mariel when he first met her that he knew they were destined to be together. Only one other person has shown the ability to be so intuitive and that's Rose.

Oh and I found some screencaps of Redemption, one of which showed a scene cut from the show - Tom and Mariel kissing by the lake when she took him down to see the site of the plane crash. Interesting...

Seriously, if ABC cancel this show I will cry. Lots.

In non-spolier squee related news, I must get my two Invasion fics finished before DW starts up again (trailer = squee overload), in case my DW muse drags my attention away. I'm fickle like that.
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