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Well done to me on getting older!

Thanks for all the birthday wishes f-list people.

I had a pretty decent day. Got many pressies (loads of DVDs, some beading books, a DS games, pretty candles, a couple of tops and a new purse). Also got some lovely fic courtesy of the lovely fififolle  :D

Best of all, my Nickelback tickets which I was stressing about finally arrived. For some reason that was like the reverse of the straw that broke the camel's back. The anti-straw, if you like. Because when I realised they'd got here, I had a week off ahead of me with 4 trips planned and nothing to worry about at work, I actually feel stress free for the first time in months. Since October really. I actually feel like myself again which is a massive relief.

Off to Hever Castle for their Merrie England celebrations tomorrow.

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