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Primeval Fic: Indecent Exposure

Title: Indecent Exposure
Rating: NC-17
Characters/Pairings: Becker/Sarah
Spoilers: None
Summary: Sarah’s better a subterfuge than Becker gives her credit for...

Written for the lovely bigtitch  as birthday fic using the prompt ‘indecent’. Because everyone deserves unadulterated smut on their birthday. ;)

Unbetaed so I could get it out today – apologies for any mistakes!

Becker walked out of the shower and into the locker room, towel wrapped around his waist. He knew he’d forgotten something in his rush to get into the shower and clean off the mud he’d be rolling around in most of the day; namely a fresh set of clothes.

Still, it was late and hardly anybody was left here. No one was going to see.

Perhaps he should have remembered that Sarah knew a thing or two about subterfuge, but in fairness he wasn’t expecting her to be there. She almost gave herself away with the slightest giggle, and he turned with a frown but it was too late. She whipped off his towel with swift dexterity, leaving him utterly naked.

Where the hell had she been hiding?

And did she have to look so pleased with herself?

“Give that back,” he said, a smile pricking at the corners of his mouth. Okay, he supposed, it was a little funny...

“But I like the view,” she said quite innocently, unashamedly looking up and down the full length of his body. She held the towel behind her back, apparently no intention of returning it.

Even so, he couldn’t help but grin widely at her words.

“Be that as it may be,” he pointed out, walking towards her, “I don’t really want to share it with anyone else who walks in.”

Perhaps she knew that he was going to snatch it back and that, with his good reflexes, she probably didn’t stand much of a chance of holding on to it, and so she went straight on the offensive instead.

Her kiss was deep and passionate, one of her hands wasting no time in enclosing his cock and beginning to stroke. Becker barely registered the fact that the towel had fallen with a thud to the floor behind her, too lost in a sudden onslaught of lust, blood draining southwards. This was insane, his rational mind complained as her fingertips lightly ran over his balls. Okay, so the ARC was mostly empty at this time of night but they were still running the risk of someone walking in and seeing her bringing him off. The vigorous movements of her hand made that somehow easy to brush aside though, his cock twitching as her thumb firmly caressed the head.

“Fuck Sarah...” he moaned, pressing his forehead against hers as his hips jerked into her touch. She knew how to work him so well, already having him nice and hard.

She smiled. “Yes, you’d like to, wouldn’t you?”

And the bloody minx left him, dashing outside with his towel before he could react, closing the door behind her and leaving him standing naked with a raging hard-on.

Oh, he was going to kill her for this...

After a moment of disbelief, he turned to his locker, opening it to retrieve his clothes and get dressed, meaning to go after her. He was either going to give her a piece of his find or fuck her senseless, depending on whether he got his lust under control before then. Except, unless he wanted to walk the corridors of the ARC evidentially displaying how much she’d tuned him on, that was going to be a problem.

His clothes were gone.

He was definitely going to kill her now. Or at least ensure that she thoroughly made it up to him.

“Sarah,” he demanded, marching towards the door, “do you have my clothes?”

Her laugh was the only answer he needed.

“Give them back,” he insisted, although he supposed it was somehow more difficult to look properly cross when his cock was still painfully hard and aching for attention.

“Make me,” she teased brightly, clearly enjoying herself.

He considered shouting but he knew that would get him nowhere. Besides, a much better idea suddenly crossed his mind.

He knew exactly what Sarah wanted.


He sat himself on the central bench, legs a little parted and took his rigid cock in his hand, stroking it slowly. He groaned loud and deliberate.

“Oh you’re not...” she said, sounding vaguely scandalised.

It was his turn to smile now.

“Why not? You left me in this state...I’ve got to do something about it.”

The door to the locker room used an old fashioned key, there never really having been any reason to get a newer one fitted. It was hardly a security hot spot after all. Importantly that meant it had a proper keyhole and Becker was pretty certainly that the movement he heard was Sarah positioning herself to peek through it.

This time he was careful to keep the smile off his face. He knew she had a thing about watching him and he didn’t want to ruin the vision. He wanted her turned on enough to surrender.

“If it’s any consolation,” he said, stroking harder, squeezing at his tip to make his hips jerk, “I’m thinking about you.”

“Oh yeah...” she said, her voice sound soft and almost a little shaky.

“Yeah,” he continued, voice heavy with lazy seduction, his free hand now caressing his balls. “About how sexy you look when you suck me. How you taste when I lick you out. How your breasts bounce when I fuck you really hard. How I feel you stretch when I put my cock inside you. How tight and hot you are...”

Bloody hell, he was meant to be doing this to get back at her, but his groan was genuine this time, the images he was conjuring making pre-cum leak from his tip. God, this wouldn’t take long at this rate...

Apparently he wasn’t the only one aroused though.

The door flew open and was quickly shut again. Before he knew it, Sarah was sat straddling his lap, her skirt pushed high up, exposing her thighs. She took one of his hands and guided it past the edge of her knickers, letting him feel how wet she already was.

He kissed her deep, caressing her clit and fucking her with one finger as his other hand worked at removing her knickers with her assistance. No need to ask where this was heading.

He lifted her by the hips, sliding her straight down onto his cock, almost losing himself in the blinding grasp of pleasure it elicited. She rode him hard, eyes dark and heated, as she gripped his shoulders for leverage. He tried to meet her thrust for thrust, pushing up firmly as he matched her rough kisses.

“Oh fuck Sarah, this feels good...” he groaned hotly, hands splayed at her back, trying to pull her closer, wanting more of her.

She nipped at his neck holding him tight. “You do realise that anyone could walk in...”

“Don’t fucking care...”

He lifted her easily, laying her back on the bench. He curled her legs around his thighs so he could drive deeper into her, his each thrust making her breath hitch.

“God, Sarah...I’m so close...” he muttered, rapidly losing any rational thoughts left. All he could feel was the warmth of her body and the slickness of her inner walls gripping him tight as a familiar ache began in his lower spine.

He came with a deep groan of satisfaction, pushing all the way inside her as he emptied himself hard.

As he stilled, catching his breath, he grinned against her shoulder, slipping his hand between their bodies and rubbing firmly at her clit. Sarah arched into his touch, biting her lip.

“You gonna come for me or what?” he asked softly, kissing her neck.

“If you keep doing that it’s a distinct possibility,” she said breathlessly.

He pressed even harder and she made a delightful mewing sound, nails digging into his back. She arched, moving herself against his fingers and pressing down at the cock still buried inside her.

“Alex...oh, god...keep going right there...”

He smiled again, “If you insist...”

She cried out loudly as she came and he covered her mouth with his to muffle it, trying to keep his head as she clutched around him, almost enough to make him hard again.

“So,” he said between kisses once she’d recovered a little, stroking her damp hair from her forehead. “Can I have my clothes back now? I don’t think you really want me indecently exposing myself to everyone...”

“No,” she said with a smile. “I think I’d rather keep you to myself.”

He grinned too. “I’m agreeable to that.”
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