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Primeval Fic: The Moment Of Truth

I spent quite a while looking at this picture before I came up with something I even vaguely liked the idea of (even if it is rather predictable!)

Title: The Moment Of Truth
Rating: PG
Characters/Pairings: Becker/Sarah
Spoilers: None

Written for the primeval100  picture prompt.

Traipsing through a forest, searching for small chicken-sized dinosaurs so they can be returned to their time of origin, is not romantic.

But the setting sun streams through the trees, highlighting her dark hair with shades of warm chestnut, making her skin glow almost golden.

She really is very beautiful and Becker’s momentarily enchanted.

He’s knows in that moment that he’s totally sunk, that she has him captivated, but to his surprise he doesn’t care.

“What?” Sarah asks, catching the way he looks at her.

He gives one of those rare, genuine smiles, not a trace of dry humour.

Tags: fic, primeval
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