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Fast becoming weekly Invasion squee...

Can I just say OMG!!!!!

There were many levels of cool in this episode so this will likely be mainly incoherent...

Clone!Dave was so sad. He really was still Dave though which suggests that the hybrids are just exact copies of who they used to be, just with upgrades. So there's got to be more happening, right? Otherwise what's the point? Me thinks they're going to be used for something.

They finally gave Kira something proper to do this episode and I loved the stuff between her and Tom. It's the first time he's been really fatherly towards her (he completely freaked when he thought she was sleeping with Lewis!). And that was rather cliffhangery at the end.

Tom was again ubercool this episode. He went from sweet husband and father to scary sheriff and back again. And he looked rather yummy shirtless. That man works out.

And it was the priest! Didn't see that coming.

Is it next week yet?

On an unrelated note, how come I have read the end of Goblet of Fire numerous times and seen the film uncountable times and yet watching it again on DVD tonight, it still makes me cry? Poor Cedric...*sniff*
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