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Star Trek - it's not just a highly dangerous con dance you know...

Got back from seeing it tonight...

Loved it! It was just damn entertaining with a reasonable slice of characterisation and this is from someone who didn't like TOS that much (I'm a TNG girl).

Some thoughts:

- I thought the opening scene was really heart wrenching with Kirk's father spending his last moments desperately wanting to know about his new born son.

- The whole time travel, 'we've changed our destiny' plot was actually a very smart idea to allow this franchise to go off on its own tangent whilst not ignoring the original.

- Destroying Vulcan was some crazy stuff. Pretty brave move.

- Pine was a cocky sod but not indestructable so that's what made it work.

- Quinto was superb as Spock. He got the right balance between emotionless and giving the impression he was feeling things underneath. His scenes with Uhura were particularly good because they brought out a completely other side of him.

- Chekov was the most adorable little thing ever. I absolutely love him.

- Urban was utterly brilliant as Bones. His 'damnit!' had me grinning from ear to ear.

- Scotty was brought in too late but I did like the slight edge of insanity Pegg brought to him. He had a mad professor vibe almost.

- I completely missed Paul McGillion.

- Seeing the Enterprise for the first time literally gave me tingles.

- My favourite reference was Scotty beaming away Admirable Archer's dog - damn, they killed of Porthos!

- Bana's villain was the weak point. Not Bana himself, I just don't think the guy was really given enough to do.

More please!
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