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Ooo...Surprisingly bendy...

Well, I've been back into doing the yoga thing for a month or so now and, even to my own surprise, it seems to be actually doing something.

Before I started, my 'issue' wasn't my back (which has always been fairly flexible) but the back of my legs. My calves and thighs were as tight as a very tight thing. I could almost bend over and touch my fingertips to the floor but it felt like the back of my legs were on fire and were about to go snap in the worst possible way.

Now I can easily bend over and get my hands flat on the floor without much discomfort (I can still feel it but it's not a ripping feel so that's good). On most of those flexibility exercises I can now nearly bend all the way, getting my chin to my knees. The next target is to do a wide angle leg stretch, bend forward and touch my chin to the floor - still got a way to go with that but at least I'm five inches off rather than 1ft.

Also, since Sunday I now seem to be able to do the Wheel, which is this:

It was kind of a massive shock when I actually finally lifted myself off the floor - surprised I didn't immediately fall down back on my head.

Yoga suits me as an exercise I think because it's progressive. I can see my achievement and me improving which I can't as much with aerobics. I suppose I should do more cardio but, having checked on a pedometer, I do walk regularly over 10,000 steps a day whilst at work so that's not too bad at all.

Now to get my legs wrapped around my neck...

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