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Primeval Fic: Sorry

More cute Becker....because I can't write hot porny Becker all the time...

Title: Sorry
Rating: PG
Characters/Pairing: Becker/Sarah
Spoilers: None
Notes: Written for the primeval100  challenge ‘Correspondence’.

Sarah knew that shouting matches down the hall were undignified but, when your significant other had humiliated you– ‘you can’t go on this mission because your field skills are vastly inadequate ’ – simple things like dignity went out the window.

The note lying on her desk as she returned her office, temper finally settled, made her frown. Unfolding it, she found one simple word.


Becker stepped up behind her, seemingly from nowhere.

“You know I’m no good at saying it so...”

She smiled, hand stroking the arm he’d wrapped around her, leaning her head back against his shoulder.


Tags: fic, primeval
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