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Primeval Fic: Observation

I seemed to pick up many fic ideas from the primeval_denial  Sunday chat. This was one of them...

Title: Observation
Rating: PG
Characters/Pairings: Becker/Sarah
Spoilers: Vague for a small element of 3x06
Summary: Becker doesn’t really listen to what she’s saying but that’s not what he’s there for anyway.
Author’s Note: Written for and from an idea by fissijo . I hope this does it justice.

Beta read by fififolle 

Sarah’s talking, at length and animatedly and, to be honest, Becker’s probably taken in less than fifty percent of what she’s said. Something about the artefact and predicting the anomalies, about legendary beasts and cross-referencing timelines. Most of it is going over his head, in one ear and out the other. Not that he minds.

It’s not like he’s stupid and incapable of understanding it, but he’s distracted and she’s making no real attempt to explain. Half in her own world, she’s using him as a sounding board as she blurts out ideas and theories, trying to knit together the separate threads that are flying through her mind, driving her crazy and driving her on in equal measure.

He tells the others that he goes to visit her so often to simply check on her progress, that it’s important that he keeps up to date with all that’s going on in the anomaly project in case there are security implications. In reality, he’s just grown rather addicted to seeing her like this, her excitement something wonderful and intoxicating that he can’t get enough of, no matter how cool a front he tries to puts on.

It warms him. It makes him smile and that can never be a bad thing, no matter how pathetic and childish it sounds even to him.

Suddenly, she seems to have some kind of breakthrough as realisation darts across her features. She jumps down from the stool excitedly, immediately setting up equipment and babbling on about something else, whilst he watches her with fond bemusement. He’s still got no idea what she’s on about. With anyone else that would have made him feel uncomfortable but the look on her face makes his ignorance worthwhile.

Whatever she’d speculated it seems she’s right, because moments later light is dancing through the air, beams of it curving out of the artefact for a precious few moments before disappearing once more.

He’s not watching it though, he’s watching her. Adoring the sheer look of delight and wonderment on her face that’s making her all but glow herself, her large dark eyes seeming to light up as another piece of whatever mystery she’s trying to solve falls into place.

Excited, near bouncing, she turns and hugs him without a second thought.

His cool front finally cracks and, before she can dance out of his grip, he kisses her. Once, tender and lingering, taking his time to commit it to memory; the softness of her lips and warmth of her skin, the surprised hitch of her breath and her fingers curling instinctively against his tee shirt. It’s nothing, but it makes his heart pound all the same.

Her eyes are closed when he pulls back, lips slightly parted and her whole demeanour finally still. She remains that way for a moment as though completely knocked off kilter, her train of thought finally stopped dead in its tracks. He at last has her complete attention.

Then she opens her eyes and looks at him, the slightest hint of uncertainty in her gaze and, god help him, he finds that adorable too.

“What was that for?” she asks softly.

And he can’t think of an answer that isn’t embarrassingly sentimental and so he settles with kissing her again and hoping she gets the point.

Sarah’s a smart girl; she catches on fast and then she’s smiling at him too.
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