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Primeval Fic: A Soldier's Special Skills

Hmm...I seem to be on some kind of weird drabble spree. Which is weird because I waffle and drabbles don't suit my writing style. Still, they're a nice break between working on longer bits of fic. And trying to ignore the insanely aggravating and stressful work related things. I'm amazed my head hasn't exploded today.

Title: A Soldier’s Special Skills
Rating: K+
Characters/Pairings: Becker/Sarah
Spoilers: None
Notes: Written for the primeval100  challenge ‘A Hard Day’s Night’

“That’s very good. A little too good actually. Should I be concerned?”

Becker smiled.

“Painting Airfix models as a kid,” he offered in explanation. Then his grin widened. “Or maybe it’s just another of those things I’m naturally excellent at.”

She kicked him softly in the shoulder, careful not to ruin his handiwork.

“Shut it, or I’ll tell your men you spend your evenings painting my toenails.”

“They’d know I only do it to get into your underwear.”

“Oh, believe me,” she teased, “you’re gonna have to work harder than that...”

He raised an interested eyebrow. He did like a challenge.

Tags: fic, primeval
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