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Robin Hood and Primeval 3x04 aka Primeval fights back...

Robin Hood
Another very solid episode if somewhat lacking in comparison to the previous three...

- The Sheriff. After being great last week I thought he was a bit too OTT this week. He seemed to shout every other line. I know he’s supposed to be losing control but it was a little too much.

- The Nottingham guards are still utterly useless. Shouldn’t they recognise Robin by now? How is he able to ride a wagon out simply by pulling his hood up? Although in their favour they practiced the important skill of turning later on and managed t do it in time.

- Rufus. A nicely ambiguous character, part villain but victim. A sympathetic back story but still a git. A bad guy with a proper motivation. In fact, as the story went on, you found out he and Robin were basically on the same side but Rufus went about it all wrong. Shame he couldn’t live to return although his ending was rather fitting. Can’t imagine he would have changed.

- Edmund was nicely portrayed too – treading a fine line between loyalty to his father and doing the right thing.

- Oh did you ever survive war? By being rather nimble it seems (as evidenced by his dodging the sword later on when they were trying to capture Rufus)

- Kate finally in the gang proper. I like her and Allan’s relationship from a friendship pov – his insulting her and no nonsense approach seemed to bring her down off her high horse very effectively. Much still clearly pinning for her. I rather hope he gets the girl even though she’d walk all over him.

- Some good meaty fight scenes too. In the past the fights have sometimes seemed a bit lacklustre but these were very dynamic. Especially liked John’s blunt escape plan (I’ll just bash through this wall...). It was very him.

- The crack. Not as much but...What was in that kiln? Are they meant to be that explodey? And exactly how high did that arrow go?! If this was the old, cracky version of the show, Kate would have ended up dancing the Macarena...Sometimes I miss the cracky version...

It was a good episode although not as fun as the last few. Glad to see Guy back next week...and that he’s apparently bathed. The last episode didn’t miss him too much but I think this one did.

Easily the best episode of the series so far – better paced and less boring. Pity the first couple couldn’t have been at this quality.

- How long has passed? The ARC seems to be rather back together again (except for Nick’s mechano set). No funeral scene for Nick. Seems like a bit of a poke in the eye really but maybe the creators were just pissed with Henshall bailing out before series end...I am rather because I’m becoming more and more certain that they had a very different series 3 in mind.

- Jenny. Firstly, what have they done to Lucy? She looks incredibly washed out at times and they keep putting her in the most unflattering clothes. Give the girl a break. Secondly, I don’t buy her apparent lack of confidence in this. She was quite happy in episode 2 to be leading a team out and last series we saw how tough she was under the hardest of circumstances. The writing for her character is so painfully inconsistent at the moment. She’s the one I really don’t think the writers ‘get’.

- Sarah. Being given next to nothing to do still. It makes sense that she’s not a field agent but some scenes with Lester perhaps may be nice.

- Lester. Notably that he says ‘work’s the best thing for us’ – he’s definitely becoming more united with the team now. The ‘threat’ of Christine helps that. His slight moment of losing his temper was so well played by Ben. You can really tell that Lester is rattled and that does not bode well.

- Becker. Allowed to be all action hero and a bit cocky still but the boy’s got heart. I liked his apology to Jenny at the end. Most military characters would never be shown doing something like that.

- The Black Stig. Danny. Really liked Danny this episode. He was a lot more fun, a bit more cocky and a bit more heroic. Didn’t really like the character at first so I hope he stays more like this. But two flying lessons? That was a bit too daft. Helicopters are pretty difficult to fly, especially like that.

- The ‘Abby’s brother’ side story rather superfluous given what else was happening. I just don’t think it added very much to the episode. Also, if Jack needs somewhere to stay, why can’t Connor stay there too? There’s always the sofa! I didn’t see the point of Abby missing half the episode because of this.

- The G-Rex was well done if somewhat skinny. Part of what made Jurassic Park’s T-Rexes so frightening was their bulk. I think some artistic license could have been used here... Also wasn’t entirely convinced it would get up so easily from its fall – predators easily break bones in falls like that when they’re chasing prey. Still, maybe he was just lucky...

- Nigel sodding Marvin. Deserved to get eaten for the mess that was Prehistoric Park. Could have done without him completely though.

- The press storyline is hopefully at an end – I think it was certainly something worth covering, but it was done in the most clichéd way possible. Those reporters were such awful stereotypes. Looking at it again, I’m still not entirely sure what was supposed to have happened to them. Don’t think they were eaten. It looks like they were trampled...Or were they meant to have been kicked through the anomaly?

- Plot wise, very solid except for one thing; why did Connor use the tow truck to lead the G-rex away? It was too slow and too unstable. The Mini would have been a better prospect. Seems they only did that to have a reason for Danny to come in and save the day. A bit sloppy.

Not perfect but an awful lot better.

Robin Hood and Primeval on par this week. I thought Hood was better quality, but Primeval more entertaining.

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