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3x03 + 3x03 + Whatever number DW episode this is - aka I can't be arsed to do separate reviews


Robin Hood
What the hell has happened to this show this year? Why is it suddenly good? Why do they suddenly care about historical accuracy? I mean, I've always liked it in a 'switch my brain off cracktastic' way but it's actually turning into a quality show. The whole deal about translating the Bible into English was handled very well and, dare I say it, realistically. Even mildly historically accurate - iirc the Bible wasn't translated into English until after the time portrayed in the show but since we were shown the abbot starting again at the end... Kate's introduction is still being handled well, Much's crush is still adorable - how can she be horrible to him? It's like kicking a puppy. Surprisingly, I didn't even miss Guy. I think it was because the Sheriff losing it is so interesting to watch. Roll on next week.

Definitely the best episode so far. It finally felt like Primeval again. They were working as a team in a 'normal' situation. And the little 'dinos' were cute. I liked that Becker got more to do and I liked that he is a bit of an arrogant so and so. The boy's definitely cocky but he's still got things to learn. Of course, the big story was Nick's death. Which was handled okay. I thought his final moments were a little lame - he looked more like he was sitting on the floor drunk than mortally wounded. Probably because they toned it down too much for the kiddies. It was quite a safe death in some respects. I liked the emotional reactions of the others - particularly Lester shouting repeatedly for an ambulance, trying to take control of the situation. The shipper in me liked that Nick's last thoughts were of Claudia. However, I wasn't exactly heartbroken. I love Nick as a character but the fact that he's barely been in this series makes his depature easier to bear in a way. Still not sure it'll really be Primeval without him though.

Doctor Who
I think I liked it more than most. I definitely liked Christina more than most. I'd love to see someone as competant and confident as her become the Doctor's companion. Her using the zip wire to get the crystal really threw him for a loop and it'd be good to see that more often. Obviously Rose, Martha and Donna had their own skills they could bring to the table, but nothing like Christina. It'd be interesting to see a bad girl of sorts come into the TARDIS. Wasn't bothered by her kissing him either because it wasn't a needy kiss, it was a 'I know what I want and I think you're hot, come here' kiss. She was still totally in control. Again, it made for a more interesting dynamic.

The story itself was much of a muchness but basically enjoyable. Lee Evans is always a little star. The next special looks like were going back to a horror type episode again before the dreaded 'finale'.

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