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Robin Hood 3x02 - aka More Zorro, Less Emo

So the second episode comes along and it's still rather good. I feel like I'm laughing with it, rather than at it. I am much confused by this turn of events...

- Nice pre-credits montage showing that Robin has his groove back and he’s doing what he does best (taking from the rich and giving to the poor that is, not sulking like a big girl’s blouse)

- All those arrows fly in and not one hits anyone?!

- For the love of cleanliness Guy, take a bath!

- How long does it take for Kate to do her hair like that? You think she’d have more important things to do...

- Guards run straight past where they’re hiding – fortunately in those helmets, guards have terrible peripheral vision

- It’s nice to see Much have a crush on someone....well, someone other than Robin that it...

- Younger drunken Irish brother was quite fun – his taunting Guy was wonderfully cocky. And the guy’s did a great job of the sword fight

- Guy’s mother was French? Is that meant to be significant at some point?

- The way John sniffed the air it looked like he actually smelt trouble before the Irish turned up – do they have the same approach to personal hygiene as Guy?

- And talking of John, I really hope they don’t get paid by the line...

- “Where’s the girl?” – Boys, you suck...

- The Sheriff really is playing dangerously – me thinks he’s going to come unstuck with his scheming by the end of the series.

- LOVED the ‘why should I fear you?’ scene between Guy and the Sheriff – it just shows everything you need to know about these two at the moment. Guy is rapidly losing all respect for the Sheriff (coupled with his disregard for his own life) and the Sheriff is starting to lose control. He’s usually so on top of things that those outbursts are rare. The way he throws that sword though, is a metaphor for the fact that he’s still dangerous and I can see he and Guy just taking each other out by the end of the series.

- Did I really just use the word ‘metaphor’ in a Robin Hood review? Ye gods...

- I like that Kate sold out Robin – her integration into the gang shouldn’t be too easy and she should make mistakes along the way

- Matthew will be fine – no sign of an injury....Oh that’s right, this is Robin Hood where blood doesn’t exist. Look, I’m not expecting limbs to be chopped off all over the place (“Tis but a scratch!”) but a red stain would help give some weight to matters here.

- Sheriff back to knowing how to work Guy again. Although I’m not convinced two little soldiers could hold Guy if he was intent on killing Robin...

- Kate and Much....aww...This is quite sweet. Better than the expected Kate/Allan imo.

- Death of a thousand cuts – show back on historical accuracy form by getting the existence of the correct but by then saying it’s Saracen in origin. It’s Chinese.

- Robin the Escapologist – I really liked this whole sequence, including the hang gliding at the end. That’s kind of the point of these legendary hero characters – they should be able to pull off these outlandish plans and be audacious. That’s proper old fashioned adventure.

- I liked Kate’s speech about the idea of Robin Hood vs the value of her brother’s life. She has a point.

- Similarly, I like Kate’s mum being anti-Robin Hood. It’s believable that some would feel the way she does.

- Again, at the end, all those arrows, not one person hit...

- The Sheriff handing Guy over? Ooo....drama... That is not going to turn out well for the Sheriff, me thinks. I assume this means Richard is now gone for an episode or two? Was he busy filming something else?

- Cue Robin’s speech at the end.....Yep, there he goes. That boy is so predictable. Tuck must stop encouraging him.

- Kate walking away and not believing in him is a nice touch.

- So these blokes are now going to hide out, unable to go home? I suspect we’ll see this ‘army’ again by the end of the series.

So again, that was pretty good. Kate wasn't quite as bad as I feared she'd be (although her 'distraught' acting was kind of ropey) and I like that she's going to have to come round to supporting Robin Hood. The deteriorating relationship between Guy and the Sheriff is continuing to build rather nicely. There was some proper swash buckling type adventure, with Robin acting like the legendary hero he's supposed to be.

The only thing that bugs me slightly is the lack of blood. As I said, not expecting wall to wall gore but it is possible to do injuries without making the gratuitous. At the moment the danger feels a little sanitised without this.

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