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Primeval 3x01 aka "We didn't want to waste an interesting story on the first episode..."

Well that was....okay. That's about as enthusiastic as I can get about it to be honest. Just a big pile of 'meh'. It was fine, certainly not bad, I just didn't think it was that interesting.

Obviously designed to set up some of the arcs of the series and one of the new characters, the monster seemed basically incidental. That was the disappointing part I think - your bog standard monster of the week which could have been done more interestingly.

Cutter was pushed aside a little in favour of Connor and the new girl. He had his bit of man pain about Stephen but was openly talking about him by the end, probably supposed to represent the fact that he's moving on.

Abby has finally been given a proper job to do -Stephen's. I always thought she should be doing the tracking and animal handling stuff anyway yet Stephen tended to get a lot of that, sometimes making Abby a bit superfulous. Glad she's got a proper place now. Although I really don't like her harsh new hair.

Sarah was introduced fairly well as was Becker. The characters weren't forced in an their inclusion seemed natural and made sense. Becker clearly has a lot to learn and I wouldn't be surprised to see him making a big mistake at some point and having a whole 'we shouldn't always do things by the book moment'. Sarah was a good mixture of vulnerability and guts, and her reason for joining the team were surprisingly valid.
Lester was one of my favourite things about the episode. He got the best lines again ("There was an eyewitness. A young woman from the museum." "Well, you know, have her shot and dispose of the body discretely"). Also interesting to see him rattled in confrontation with the clearly worrying (if somewhat cliched) Christine.

Jenny/Claudia - who was that? She was listed as Jenny. Cutter jokingly called her Claudia. She has seemingly taken Claudia's old job, her look has softened down as has her personality. She's pretty much Claudia again - will that be a plot point or are we supposed to believe that Claudia and Jenny were always really the same person, just Jenny had greater confidence?

Helen's appearance at the end wasn't a surprise but it added a bit of intrigue at least. Liking her new look though. Better than the warrior explorer gear she had going on last year.

Overall it was fine but let down by an uninteresting main story. I currently have no desire to watch that episode again which I think is indicative of how it stands up as a piece of entertainment - nice but once is enough.

So, this week's Robin Hood vs Primeval goes to the men in tights.
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