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So, as part of a meme I got kharma2815  to list five things she associates with me. Now I have to expand a little upon them.

1. James Bond music
As anyone who's been in my car attests, my mp3 player is filled with a wide variety of music from screaming heavy metal to the cheesiest pop songs. I have wide reaching tastes. Although my favourites would be rock, motown, swing, jazz & blues. Basically much stuff that was written and recorded before I was born. Favourite song ever - Georgia On My Mind as sun by Ray Charles. Just the most beautiful song. Saw it first on Quantum Leap where it broke my heart and I've loved it ever since. But back to James Bond music....why did she choose that in particular? I honestly don't know but I will say it features in my music collection and I love the drama of a good Bond song :D

2. Frog's Bollocks
No, not actual gonads. A cocktail whose name I constantly forget and I can't remember what was in it. But I do remember it was a green shooter and surprisingly nice. If you want know what it contains, you'll have to ask the barman in the White Horse pub near Heathrow. Fellow con goers, I totally recommend the joint. Speaking of which.

3. Conventions
Poor kharma2815  is often my roomie for such occassions. She has to put up with my terribly late getting in, having to sleep in total darkness and taking forever to get ready in the morning. Still, I can't wind her up too much since she's shared with me more than once. Cons are quite mental but full of the friendliest people you could hope to meet. Three in and I feel like I'm getting the hang of them now. I've even been part of a winning costume competition team. So far i've only been to SGA ones but I'm considering branching out slightly and going to Haven 1 for Sanctuary in October. Not that I've brought a ticket or organised a room at all. I do have an idea for a cosutme though...

4. Stargates in random fields
I have to take kharma2815 's word on this one. Apparently as we were driving up the M1 on the way to__kali__ 's pre panto there was a pretty much full sized Stargate in a field. Which is just bizarre. I didn't see it of course because I was too busy (rightfully) with my eyes on the road!

5. Your mum
My mum. Awww. She used to really scare many of my friends when I was younger. But apparently I'm unwiitingly intimidating to some too which I don't get either (the sixth formers who don't know me apparently think I'm scary - which is weird because most of them are twice my size). kharma2815  has had the great fun of chatting to my mum on the phone after she called me and I was busy doing something else. They chatted quite happily for ten minutes of so therefore I assume mum has either lost her scary touch or kharma2815  is very brave.
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