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Demons Fic x3

Three  ficlets, all written for Vag Fest 09, all untitled because I hate thinking of titles. Surprisingly, not all Rupert/Mina (just mostly).

Title/Prompt: Little Lies
Pairing: Luke/Ruby
Rating: M+

"How does that feel?" Luke murmured huskily against her ear.

The words tumbled from Ruby's lips without her really putting any thought into them.


After all, that's what he wanted to hear, right? And honestly, that should be what she was feeling. Luke having his hand in her knickers had been a fantasy of hers ever since she was old enough to have those kind of fantasies. Unfortunately it was beginning to become rather clear though that, like many things in life, the reality didn't live up to the idea in her mind.

At first she thought it must be her; maybe she wasn't quite comfortable with this, maybe she just didn't like to be touched there. But no, she was gagging for this and she knew from private experience that she very much liked to be touched there.

It was him.

He was bloody awful at it.

For some reason she'd always thought Luke would be experienced. Or at least naturally talented. After all, he was pretty good at most things.

Except, apparently, at fingering girls.

No wonder he was almost perpetually single she thought, suppressing a giggle. Laughing at him right now certainly wouldn't help matters.

She toyed for a moment with not saying anything, wondering if it would be too much of a blow to his fragile male ego to tell him that he was a bit crap at this. She could just pretend, get it over and done with and hope he was better the second time. But even though she tried to concentrate on his kisses, her frustration rose further every time his fingers just skirted agonisingly away from the right spot.

In the end she flipped.

"Okay, just stop," she huffed out, pushing him back.

He frowned at her in total confusion.

"You want to stop?"

"Just watch," she instructed, deciding that the old saying about actions speaking louder than words seemed appropriate here.

She pulled her trousers and knickers down a little, giving herself a bit more room. Then she parted her legs and very deliberately ran her fingers through herself, moving in slow circles over that needy nub of flesh that was screaming for attention.

He watched her slightly opened mouthed for a moment before he got it.

"Is that how you like to be...?" he asked, his coyness ridiculous given the situation.

She nodded, pressing a little harder, her hips rising in response. Then she slid her fingers back, pushing one inside herself whilst her thumb still worked perfect circles.

Luke looked like he'd stopped breathing. From the bulge in his trousers it was abundantly clear where all his blood had headed to.

"Do you like that?" he asked hoarsely.

She smiled, moving her fingers away.

"Too right brainiac. Now come here and show me what you've learnt."

And my god, she thought, hips bucking in delight and a moan tumbling from her lips as he at last found the right spot, he was a good pupil.

Title/Prompt: The Stacks
Pairing: Rupert/Mina
Rating: M+

"Rupert..." she shuddered, a warning edge to her tone as her fingers tried to grasp the shelf behind her for support.

He hesitated, the kisses down her neck stopping for a moment, warm, wet lips curling to a smile against her skin.

"Mina..." he murmured in return, almost like he was mocking her.

She may have scolded him further had the large hand resting against her underwear not slipped past the material at that moment, fingers exploring her without further hesitation.

A violent shudder ripped down her spine at the intimate contact, breath hitching in a gasp. She bit her lip hurriedly to stop any further noise. Luke and Ruby were only back at the desk a few corners away. She and Rupert could be discovered in this compromising position at any moment and it would be a sad end to her existence to simply die of embarrassment.

"I hate you," she muttered breathlessly, his fingers slowly stroking.

"Yeah," he said, still smiling, "I can feel that."

She supposed her argument really wasn't helped by the fact he'd found her wet and willing. She couldn't help herself though. For years they'd remained only friends but since the nature of their relationship had changed, he'd become suddenly and overwhelmingly desirable to her. The smell of him, the sound of him, the large warmth of his body... She wondered if it was the vampire in her heightening her senses. He said it was just because she hadn't had it in a long time and was really horny.


His mouth recaptured hers, just as his fingers pushed back and slid inside her deep, and it was a good job too because her involuntary moan would have given them away for sure.

His thumb moved perfect circles, two fingers moving ever rapidly in and out and god, she was going to kill him.

Right after he finished.

Her hands moved to his body, grasping almost desperately at his waist, needing to hold something as he seemed to bring her too rapidly to the edge. His lips fought to keep with hers as she thrashed more violently, his free hand entwined into her hair.

She couldn't help her hips moving in rhythm with his fingers and she was soon lost, not caring who saw them any more as long as he didn't stop. Hateful, gorgeous, talented man.

"God, you look sexy like this," he half purred against her mouth, pausing in his kisses. "All wild, pressed back against this shelf, my fingers making you come...."

"Rupert, shut up," she pleaded in a gasp. When he started talking it did funny things to her insides, making her want to groan, and silence was definitely needed right now.

He groaned first though, the sound rumbling in his chest as one of her legs curled around his, her ankle stroking up the back of his calf.

She so wanted to push him to the floor, strip him and getting him lying on top of her, buried under the warmth of his body as he thrust inside. But since that was out of the question, this wasn't a bad compromise.

"Oh god, Rupert..." she muttered heatedly, tearing her lips from his once more, the second before it hit her. He recaptured her mouth just in time to keep her silent as she trembled and moaned, pleasure spiking through her as she grabbed his clothes to keep herself on her feet.

All was still for a moment afterwards, his fingers pressed inside her, his forehead resting against hers as they both breathed hard. Then he kissed her gently as his moved his hand away, doing up her trousers for her.

"Still hate me?" he asked, and she could hear the smile in his voice.

He really shouldn't be so smug. It brought out a cruel side in her.

Without warning, she pushed him back into the shelf opposite them, catching him off guard. Her mouth was demanding on his, her hand unashamedly caressing across his groin, stroking him under layers of materials. He was already partly hard and clearly sensitive, half whimpering at the desired contact.

He moaned even more, in disappointment this time, as she suddenly stopped.

"Now, if you're a very good boy for the rest of the day," she said sweetly, "I might do something about that later."

"Mina!" he protested in a sharp whisper as she turned and sauntered away.

She just smiled. Served him right for teasing her.

As she straightened her clothes properly and smoothed her hair, she laughed to herself, knowing it was going to be a little while before he could comfortable emerge from the Stacks.

Title/Prompt: Clubbing with the kids
Pairing: Rupert/Mina
Rating: M

"Why are we here?"

Mina suspected that he'd meant for that to come out as an annoyed growl but he'd had to shout to make himself heard over the music, ruining the effect.

"Because it's Luke's birthday and he's spent most of it in a sewer killing salamanders. This is the least we can do."

"I said we could go out for a quiet drink. This is not quiet."

"But you do have a drink."

He grumbled something under his breath, pausing to take a sip of his only consolation.

"Do you have any idea how out of place I feel here?" he complained after a moment and she frowned, hearing how genuinely uncomfortable he was.

She wasn't exactly in her element either. The place was far noisier than she liked and the music - whilst not a terrible disaster - was not to her taste. Still, Luke and Ruby seemed to be enjoying it, the girl having been positively bouncing when they'd arrived and him seeming finally relaxed. They were currently off on the dance floor whilst she and Rupert hid in a booth by the back wall. Ruby had squealed about this being her favourite song and had dragged Luke off to dance. Mina got the impression that he wasn't as reluctant to join her as he made out.

No, Mina decided, this wasn't her thing but they were clearly enjoying themselves and so she was happy to make the sacrifice.

Rupert didn't seem so willing.

"I look like their dad!" he complained.

She smiled.

"Well, you are old enough to-"

"Don't start! You're old enough to be my grandmother. You're just fortunate because you don't look it."

She reached across, placing a hand over his.

"I think, from what I've seen of you, you're very handsome." She shifted a little closer to him, hip pushing against his, fingers now walking up his arm. "And I'd much rather take you and all your experience than one of these boys any day."

She could feel him looking at her with sudden interest.

"Mina Harker," he scolded, although she could hear his smile, "are you trying to distract me with your womanly wiles?"

"Why? Is it working?"

"Most definitely."

His lips were hot, heavy and demanding against hers. Almost like he was trying to prove something. Her mouth opened under his with the minimal amount of persuasion and his tongue claimed hers most possessively, tasting like bourbon. She clutched at his biceps, using them to anchor herself as his kiss made her feel increasingly light headed and desirous.

Yes, there was definitely something to be said for experience.

"See," he said, pulling away, "plenty of life in me yet, huh?"

"Absolutely," she agreed breathlessly. One hand stroked his cheek but the other was far bolder, sliding high up his thigh. The solid muscle jumped a little under her touch and when she reached his groin and found definite evidence of arousal, she smiled. "Plenty of life indeed."

She went to kiss him again but was interrupted by a voice of complaint.

"You do realise that no one wants to see you two groping each other, right?"

Mina turned her head coolly in Ruby's direction as she and Luke sat back down again, clonking more drinks onto the table.

"I thought that was what these establishments were for - drinking lots of alcohol, listening to what is apparently the same song on constant repeat and groping people."

"Yeah but you two..." Ruby began before, for once, taking a slightly more tactful route. "Well it's kind of like having your parents getting it on in the corner. And no one wants to think about that."

"Gee, thanks Ruby," Rupert scowled.

Mina kept her face completely placid, but her errant hand stroked once more across his erection, feeling it starting to strain a little against the material.

She had to hand it to him, he kept himself remarkably in check considering.

"Why don't we go and wait in the car?" she suggested quite innocently.

"You don't have to," Luke reasoned, clearly hoping they didn't feel unwanted.

"No, that's okay, Luke," Rupert said, although Mina could feel his attention was fixed firmly on her. "We'll find something to do. Take your time."

Mina took his hand with a smile and led him away.

Ruby frowned in dismay. "They're going to go and shag in the car, aren't they?"

"Probably," Luke agreed.

"We're walking home."

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