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I am so disturbed right now...

Okay, so I saw some of the US Life On Mars.

It's fine. Doesn't have the quirk and charm of the original but that's not surprising. The cast are all pretty good, stories are good although the main plot has obviously lost some mystery. But I can't watch it for one reason.

The names.

If they'd renamed all the characters I would have happily sat through it as a different take on the same universe. I started getting a little bit funny though when 'Sam Tyler' came on the scene. But then there was 'Chris' and 'Ray' which really didn't feel right at all (I'm terribly fond of Dean and Marshall!).

When they introduced 'Gene Hunt' I just couldn't watch any more.

I wanted to immediately go and hug Phil - I wanted MY Gene back!

Sorry, but Gene Hunt is too much of an iconic character for someone else to play him now. And it's not even him either. Harvey's a fine actor but he just does not have the presence, charisma or sheer magnetism that Phil manages to put into what should be an odious character.

You know what it was a bit like? That scene in Ashes To Ashes where there was the Police 5 reconstruction...

Such a pity they didn't rename all the characters and keep the same types but that them be other people. I'm sure it's a fine series but I find it too disconcerting to watch any more of.

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