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Damn your fat plushie arse!

So, I'm making a plushie (don't ask).

Making the plushie itself was very easy. I had an idea but I sought out a suitable pattern on t'net because I wasn't sure about the dimensions. It works very well although I may edit it in the future to include proper fingers. Possibly ears too.

No, the tricky bit so far is making the clothes. Following instructions and making things from kits is easy no matter how complicated they are, but having to do something from scratch? Well I like the problem solving challenge but it does take a lot longer! I decided to start with the trousers (why do I always do the hard bit first?!).

The front of the legs were easy - just a basic trouser leg shape needed there. But the back? Stupid huge fat plushie arse caused massive problems (ooo, a pun of sorts!). After a lot of trial and error I solved it by getting a piece of material, wrapping it round where I wanted and marking on it where I needed to cut and sew. I've ended up with a weird shaped back piece and I'm sure there's a better way of doing it but it does work at least. Did a first trial...

On the right are the Mk I trouser templates. No, he's not having baby pink trousers it's just a colour I didn't particularly like so I thought I'd use it for tests. Well, these test pants turned out pretty good but they're a little bit low (they're hipsters!) hence the Mk II trouser templates on the left. I'm going to re-try now with the pink and ensure they work before doing it properly.

See the fat plushie arse problem? Also, as I said, a bit low flung. So on to the second go. Still, not bad for a first attempt.

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