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Demons Fic: The Little Moments

I didn't really have the energy to finish the longer post episode 4 thing I was writing so I did this ficlet first... These two are much better than the show they're in.

Oh, and since a whole four people said 'yay' to a Sanctuary/Demons crossover I may be tempted to write a little of that later in the week. The two fit together too perfectly to ignore.

Title: The Little Moments
Rating: PG
Characters: Rupert, Mina
Pairing: Rupert/Mina
Spoilers: 1x05
Summary: He needs moments like these to remind him what she is.

Rupert doesn’t really feel the splash of the puddles beneath his feet as he runs, nor the heat of the fireball chasing his back. The unyielding grip of Mina’s hand seems to drown them both, her fingers so tight it’s almost painful as she holds on to him for dear life.

He can feel her fear, the terror of the unknown translated through her grasp. She can’t see what she’s running from and so must put her trust in him. He’s sure that she does. He’s always kept her safe. Even now, he’s barely thinking of himself as they flee for their lives, but instead all his senses are focused on her. He’s scared she might trip and his muscles are tense in anticipation of having to pull her quickly to her feet again.

An opening in the tunnel comes to their rescue as the lights above fail in the growing heat. He pulls her around him, pushing her back against the wall, shielding her as the flames shoot safely past them.

It doesn’t last long, but again he barely feels the heat, his mind and body focusing on her without his consent. His arm pushes against her chest, a barrier to keep her away from danger, and he can feel her heart beating fast in exertion and fear. Her breath is warm little pants, stroking rhythmically against his neck and cheek, making his stomach clench and turn far more than even the hottest librarian could.

He pushes the feelings away, knowing he has to get back to work. But he can’t forget them. He can see the fright on her face still as she asks what the hell that was and, God help him, he likes it.

Because in these moments she unwittingly reminds him of just how human she is and that makes what he feels for her okay. Like it’s not completely insane and won’t just lead to disaster.

He can’t kid himself that there’s a ‘happy ever after’ in their future, neither of them it seems are designed for that, but it does give him hope. Maybe they could have something. Maybe they could mean something to each other.

Inside he laughs, careful to keep it off his face.

Who’s he kidding? They already do.

They’re just both too broken to admit it.

Tags: demons, fic
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