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Oh dear...

I've never written crossover fic in my life. Mainly because I've never had two fandoms that seem to fit perfectly.

So it's rather disturbing that I really want to write a Sanctuary/Demons crossover.

They were just so made for each other. At least Rupert and Mina would fit in Sanctuary verse so well. You can just imagine that Helen Magnus could have met Mina in the past - Mina and chums trying to hunt down Jack the Ripper, Helen being all elusive and trying to stop/protect him from them. Then there's the differing opinion - Helen and friends call them abnormals and want to help them, Mina and Rupert call them half lives and want to smite them. Helen respects Mina but thinks Rupert's a blunt instrument and...

Oh my God! Why am i writing something in my head that no one else in the world will want to read?!
Tags: demons, fic, sanctuary
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