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The 'Yay!' and the 'Oh Noes!' of it

The yay is that the P4 costume is coming a pace. The photo evidence so far is ....

(Without belt and wig)

(With belt and wig)
I forgot to put on the choker I made but hey...

Still not sure whether to wear the wig or not. It came as part of the costume and I'm not sure if it's too much. I still need to sew the black arm bands on to replace the old silver ones. And I've got to print out the Wraith-esque tattoo that's going on my neck.

Btw missyvortexdv  do you still want me to print a tattoo for you? If so I need to know which one you wanted and dimensions. Ta.

The oh noes is that Demons' ratings have fallen again and unless they stabilise now it will likely not get a second series. Which pisses me off not because the show is brilliant, but because I really like two of the characters and feel that the current writers are wasting such a great opportunity and an interesting premise. It's really very annoying when one of the few potentially decent British TV shows shoots itself in the foot. I've still got a couple of story ideas for it and I'll likely write them whether it gets cancelled or not. And no, not many people will read them because the show hardly has a massive fandom, but I'll find it cathartic in the least. I love the concepts of Mina and Rupert and their relationship and even though we may not see any more than six episodes of them now, it'd somehow make me feel better to know that it could have been done.

Don't you just hate it when a character gets under your skin?

Professional writers are a talented bunch and I'm just your average fan ficcer so I it would be very unfair of me to say that I could do a better job than they are. But I can say, whatever I write, I won't leave Mount Everest style plot holes in it. I'm just a bit anal like that.

Oh and because aparently Philip Glenister currently owns my soul I also have an Ashes To Ashes fic idea floating around in my head. Which will be weird to write because it'll be so damn normal in comparison to all my other fandoms. No monsters, demons, magic, Time Lords, aliens....I'm not even entirely sure I can do it!

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