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I is productive

Firstly played around with my LJ layout because I'd had the old one a long time, felt like having the Supernatural banner again and didn't mind fighting with CSS. I don't think I've got used to the look of it yet but I'm sure it'll look 'normal' in a couple of days.

My P4 costume is almost complete. The silver bands have been removed from the dress and I'm sewing the black on. Finished my choker. Still undecided on whether to wear the wig that came with the dress. I got the temporary tattoo paper today - I decided that stuff would work better than a stencil and be quicker to apply - it's going from my collarbone and up my neck.

Anyone else need a tattoo for their costume? If you send me a design I might be able to print it out for you (I do only have one A4 sheet of the stuff though!).

I'm now writing more Demon's fic because, despite the writer's leaving gaping plot holes that piss me off as I wouldn't do that in fanfic let alone something professional, I love the dynamic between Rupert and Mina. They're sad and sweet together.
Tags: demons, p4, tv
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