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A big game of dress up

Right so I've got my dress for the P4 costume competition and now am customising.

I'm removing the the small, tinsel like silver bands around the arms and I'm going to replace them with simpler black ones. I was going to go with brown since the dress is green, but having tried two belts with it my really wide, black waist belt looks much better. Both additions dress it down and make it a bit less princessy.

It came with a rather impressive wig which is cool but I'm not sure if I'm going to wear it yet. I'll see what it looks like one I'm finished.

I've also got some beads and I'm currently making myself a black choker to match (I might make two if I've got the time and see which one works best). I know the tattoo design I'm doing and I'm currently deciding whether to make a stencil or try some of that ink jet print your own temporary tattoos paper. I think that'll be easier to apply.

Even more amazingly I went into Hobbycraft with a list of stuff and only came out with that stuff. I'm so strong.

Back to work if I'm going to get this done...
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